Silk Road:

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Weekend tours

Bishkek city tour
In spite of being a young city, Bishkek has an unusual history. It looked like as a flat steppe 131 years ago, without a single tree - but now it is one of the greenest cities in Kyrgyzstan and even in Central Asia! Kyrgyz people managed to save it for their next generations because in any time many people wanted to live here. You will hear its history and see the most popular places of our wonderful city! Read the tour...

Burana Tower
Burana Tower was built in 11 century. There was a prospering city on the Great Silk Road - Balasagun. Many traders were coming to that place to exchange their goods and spend a night. The Tower that is 24 meters high now in that time was 45 meters high; but because of the earthquake half of it fell down. This tower was used as a sign for travelers and traders, as a watching tower and as a minaret to call local people to pray. After the earthquake in the 15 century people were afraid to stay in the city. They thought that God did not want them to be there. That is way there left away and did not have the most of their things. The archeologist found many artifacts there and you can see some of them in a museum. And some of the artifacts were taken to Russian in Soviet time. The houses of the city were made of clay and melted because of time and natural conditions. So now you can see only the tower and a hill nearby. This hill supposed to be khan's palace.
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Ala Archa gorge
Ala Archa gorge is one of the most favorite places for weekend tours. It is located just 45 km from Bishkek city, and in one hour of driving drive you will raise from 750 to 2100 meters above sea level. The name Ala-Archa means Bright Juniper and these trees grow everywhere there. For Kyrgyz people this tree is sacred. Fist cradle of new born child it has a made of juniper. If he is ill, adults will burn it nearby saying special words and when the child is adult and decides to merry - an adult respectful woman with burning juniper walks inside his new house to protect it from a bad spirits. And after mans' death his grave will be also made of this sacred tree.
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Horse riding tour
We offer you a nice horse riding program in Chon Kemin gorge. There is almost two hours drive there. Horses used to play a giant role in Kyrgyz life. Kyrgyz nomads used to call horses "man's wings". It is hard to imagine a nomad without a horse. And we give you a chance to ride this adorable animal from Chon Kemin village to the bottom of colorful Tien Shan Mountains.
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Issyk Ata gorge
Issyk Ata gorge is famous for its hot springs. You will spend just two hours to get there from Bishkek. It is an amazing gorge with a picturesque mountain waterfall. Then you can have a nice picnic at the bottom of waterfall. Also there you may have a bath in open swimming pool with mineral hot springs. You will enjoy the view of perfect mountains around swimming there!
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