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 In Europe and the United States, leaving a ridge top Adygene short. Round the western slopes of the broken vertical cliff. Northern slope of the glacier hanging glacier gate is in its collection. Ala-Archa gorge and from her, which is clearly visible from the Upper Adygene Bishkek city looks like a pyramid of ice.

 It is Adygene Adygene to climb to the top of the pass. 3-4 hours is the path from the parking Electric.

 The path to the summit of the climb path Adygene which is located on the eastern ridge of snow, the general inclination is about 30 °. Comb, across the ridge of the two rocks. The first is the need to crawl in order to move to the left. At the top is the elongated pad on the western edge rock and snow.

AK-Beshim. Suyab ruins of the medieval town was the center of (5-12 century) Han west of Turkey - AK-Beshim hillfort. Hills and valleys of the AK-Beshim are outlined (35 hectares) big city. It is located 8 km southwest of Tokmok. AK-Beshim was one of the cultural and commercial heart of the most important habitats in the Valley is once Turks  Sogdiana. By 5-6 centuries, archaeologists take this town. This date is based on the record monk Tripitaka (644-602).



Round 006: Kyrgyzstansky trekking

Mission: Kyrgyzstan

Round trekking activities:

Day 9: The period

Jyrgalang Barskoon village by car driving from Day 1:. 0.89 km distance. Time :3-4 hours. Our jockey, a meeting with your horse. Along the river valley of the ram lamb and reduced to after dinner while traveling and transfer pass Kyzylmoinok. You have a night in the Valley Archator exceeds 7-8 times it there. 10 km: distance. Time: 2-3 hours. Dinner.

Day 2: In the morning I started to move on foot from Archator before (3649 m) Ashytor path and Kyzyltor. Dinner is organized on the way. Local people, very kind, here, I will respond to the shepherd of hospitality. Test the milk of mares "kymyz" You are to check the validity of the Kyrgyz people. Your night is organized in tents.

After breakfast, you will be surprised to know the mountain and Pobeda Pikov Hana Tengry spirit you come close to the beginning of the path: the third day. Then I transfer the Valley Uchkungoi. Your night is organized in tents.

Day 4: Trekking we make a trip to Echkilitash Saryjaz Uchkungoi canyon from the river. Here you will find the beautiful mountain lakes and meadows. Your night is organized in tents.

Breakfast Day 5:. We will trek along the river, and then, approaching to pass the (4001 m) Tuz. O / N in front of the path. 25-30 km: distance. Time Time :5-6.

Day 6: In the morning, we will begin to move on foot and suddenly Engilchek Tuz pass along the river. Dinner.

Day 7: In the morning, start moving on foot to the Inn - Lake of the mountain you can see the glacier Engilchek Jailoo and (grassland). Dinner is organized on the way. Your all-round (Edelweiss) is displayed pride of our country, the mountain flowers ares national flower of Switzerland.

Round of trekking, the shepherdess and shepherd of yak here again along the river Dunguromo and Kaiyndy Day 8:. 25-30 km: distance. Time Time :5-6. Dinner.

Day 9: In the morning, I will start moving on foot to the village of path Kunan. In the afternoon come back to Barskoon. To absorb water bath. Your night is organized in private homes.


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