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Then, the city has disappeared from the historical record of the century to the period between 10-12, which was under the influence of the Arab. It is a grassy hill ridges and vague - the ruins of the city, and now all of them. Archaeological excavations is that the central part of the city sepila shakhristan was surrounded by thick walls and towers are shown. Residents of the city, engaged in trade and commerce. As streets and sidewalks, cobblestone, urban debris of houses, household goods, coins, gold-plated ware, and sculpture had hygiene church, Nestorian, a Buddhist temple and fortress 2. Temple is represented delicate gilt bronze plaque sculpture, plaster, painting, of Buddha. Discovery

AK-bait, Pass (3285 m). Mountains at the southern end of Bashy, just before the border zone, 4 km from the external review fast on the way to Torugart.

AK-Debe. In the northwestern part of the area in (Kazakhstan) is less than the south near the border, is the name of one archaeologist Jun Debe, ancient settlement was discovered another of 6-7 cc.




Round 003: Kyrgyzstansky trekking

Mission: Kyrgyzstan

Round trekking activities:

13 days period:

We begin with the downward transport to the Canyon Barskoon Day: Day 1. :5-6 km distance. After preparation of the cargo and the balance on the horse, we will begin to lift our way through the valley vertical wooden Sasyk Bulak. Journey to Kokkudobo from Sasyk Bulak. Night is a river wide vertical Kechuu tent. Distance :15-20 km. Time Time :4-5. 19:00 dinner.

Day 2: We start from there in a round of the river at the time of various vertical Kechuu trekking early morning breakfast, our method proceeds Artin Kungoi path (3400 km) slowly. You will be impressed by the representation of the Ozero Issyk-kul • Kulsky completely. Dinner is organized on the way. Night is Tosor tent along the river. Distance :25-35 km. Time Time :4-5. It will be at 19:00 in the tent and suddenly dinner.

Day 3: Breakfast 8:00 is submitted. We will go from the river before Tosor Tosor path of (3900 m). Height of about 4000 meters on all - Kerege-Tash wide valley in the background the mountain. - Truly magical landscape. Night has become the valley UCH Emchek A (3400 m). 35-40 km: distance. Time Time :5-6. Parking is a tent at night.

Day 4: Today's trekking round is easy, it is long. To make their way down gently along the UCH-Emchek wide valley, and we are casual yurtas appears. We will forward the goat herd of yak independent, horses, cattle, sheep and animals - of all arable land here. The hot sauce over the canyon Jyluu Uiri Suu Kyi from UCH-Emchek. In this section, the bath of hot sauce that I stopped. Suu Kyi is the tent of night Jyluu Hot Springs. 35-40 km: distance. Time Time :5-6. It will be at 19:00 in the tent and suddenly dinner.

Day 5: After a round of our canyon trekking Uiri Balgart Suu Kyi, the day begins with an early breakfast we along the river. You will be amazed at the charming landscape of snow-covered mountains you. For Archaly bridge suddenly. It will be at 19:00 in the tent and suddenly dinner.

Day 6: Breakfast 8:00 is submitted. We will continue to round trekking from Nalin • • Archaly bridge along the river Sue. Night is Oruk-Scotland cap beret valley. It will begin to appear in some bushes and trees round this area. 35-40 km: distance. Time of 4-5 hours. 19:00 dinner.

Day 7: Breakfast 8:00 is submitted. sary, tourism pedestrians from Scotland Oruk-beret in wood Kungoi. You will be amazed at the change of scenery every time you. Even if there are some, you will be able to meet some of the shepherds. In order to make a fire here probably. In the evenings, take longer to Oruk-Scotland. Distance :30-40 km. Time Time :4-5.

We begin with an early breakfast and then rose in front of our round trek to the valley from Scotland beret Oruk-Day: Day 8. You are a real test would be welcome kumuz yurtas kept in it. You will probably feel that the distinction between taste and Nalin kumuz Ishiku • kulskih area depends on the technology of preparation and type of plants and grass. Dinner is organized on the way. Camel on the location of a chance you will see a shepherd. For the shepherd suddenly yurta. 35-40 km: distance. Time Time :4-5. 19:00 dinner.

Day 9: After traveling on foot along the valley of Ecki-chat, begins with an early breakfast, how in the area during the day you will be displayed alternately timber. In this case, it will be Chunkur-Qi across the river. At night, the valley has become Baiduluu for the location of the shepherd. Height is about 2900 meters. ASL. 35-40 km: distance. Time Time :4-5. 19:00 dinner.

Day 10: Breakfast 8:00 is submitted. Walk the cock-Kaptal valley. Boruluu on the way to arrive at, when it comes to crossing the road Balykchy-. You stop for the winter with stable in Boruluu shepherd suddenly. 35-40 km: distance. Time Time :4-5.

Day 11: Breakfast 8:00 is submitted. The next day, transfer the pass (3020 m. ASL) Korgoo, you will be reduced by about path Terskei-Torpok. Valley is covered with dense trees of the amount of trees and bushes, considerable. In the evening, at the foot of the path Terskei-Torpok. Dinner is organized on the way. Can give a name to this place was in the habit as "32" shepherds. 19:00 dinner.

Day 12: After trekking the path round Terskei-Torpok at (3033 m above sea level), begins with an early breakfast, today arrived at the lake Syna-Col. Night has become wide-Tulga for the location of the shepherd. Parking is a tent at night.

Day 13: Breakfast 8:00 is submitted. tourism spend and pedestrians walking around your lake Syna-col Sun Lat traveling it is assumed. Will be used for the festival is spent every year usually -col. You will be able to participate in this festival.

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