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Silk Road:

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Travel and tour Kyrgyzstan

Soviet trainer honor ME Cohen (bass ketbol) is and has been a coach worthy of VH Polubabkin (Athletics), other important advances in the production of Asian Ba ​​Kanach VI (Greco Roman wrestling), Olympic CET, with the world.

The Institute moved to a multi-tier system of professional Bachelor NAT, sports manager and bodyguard. To improve the training of sports professionals, to the east. Stick sports anthem and treatment.

In addition to the training staff of higher education institutions and secondary education for physical education, I have an important contribution to the preparation for school sport, sports organizations, athletes.

I re-open the competition for Kyrgyzskoy NAT in the newly independent republic. Popular outdoor sports and games. Memorial Day "Manas" epic of the year 1000 (1995), was all over the NAT tournament for the celebration of the 3000 Gardena Provence Le Ment of Osh in the country. Games and sports, athletic meet, then for NAT. Sports. Currently, for "kyuresh." 10 NAT works with organizations of old infectious diseases, such as radio and traditional "kekberyu", "Togus korgool" the capital of the federal government like this. Has been licensed sports title. , "Oodarysh", "Ordo", "Jorge salysh", "tyiyn survival", "upay", "Chabysh when" "kulatuu.": It is in the




Tourism, the National Commission for Youth Sports  has developed a concept of  tion of physical culture and sports in the country by 2010. In this concept, the rise of cultural tours physics Purianpumasu descending conditions, to strengthen the foundation and technical support material methodological  scientific for the sport, priority development of individual sports, sports game of the people, included.


Round 002: Kyrgyzstansky trekking

Mission: Kyrgyzstan

Round trekking activities:

12 days period:

Day 1: After breakfast, we will go to Thredbo Barskoon Ak from the valley. After that, you go through the woods when it comes to beautiful fur below 雪山 Tarylga across the river. Enjoy a representation of their congestion pasture shepherd grazing land where you widely. Night has become a tent Valley cock-Bulak.

Day 2: After breakfast fun, we passed through the (pasture) Kindik jailoo to start a round of cock-Bulak and trekking is, when it comes to crossing the river-Jargylchak . On the lower side the road, we tested the expression of mountain scenery Ozero Issyk-kul • kulskogo and understand the spirit when it comes to passing the gobelin surprisingly rich color. In the evening, be a ballet cock-Αελλΰ.

Day 3: Trekking make the trip to pass the cock-Αελλΰ. Your trekking, go to the Valley Juuku to meet at the new delivery vehicle. We will begin to free travel Kashka-Suu Kyi river after dinner. Dinner is organized on the way. Forward support vehicles, all food and mechanism will bear this day. Is in the tent at night.

Day 4: We look at a real nomadic life of the people of Kyrgyzstan, Kashka-Suu Valley trekking round tests. I will be coming back before every valley, crossing the river several times Kashka-Suu. Is in the tent at night.

We will have a trekking round to Valley Juuku today: Day 5. As is not supported on the mechanism of your yours, you can skip the flat portion. You (the national drink made of mare's milk) are invited to have a "a Kymyz" dinner and meet more than shepherd and that of Kyrgyzstan. Stuffed with tissue paper • The impressive mountain Eto, appears at the top of the 4808 meters. Night has become a tent Chung

wide valley.

Day 6: After breakfast fun, we started trekking round to pass through the Valley Juuku Juuku as 3633 m. Dinner is organized on the way. You can see the lake in the name of Jashyl ​​two col "Green Lake" names to fit in the middle of it. • We will promote the Arabel Valley pass (3993 m) trek Jetim-Αελλΰ. Is in the tent at night.

Day 7: Trekking Cala Pass AK-Αελλΰ from river Taragai Maekawa (3833 m) - make a trip to the rhino. Here you will be able to reach a look at Marco Polo sheep and mountain goat • some wild. Then, a trip to the lake Kyrtash, suddenly tent in.

Day 08: To make a trekking trip, to Lake Kyrtash, we now move to the south side Baralbas, AK-Shyirak Canyon about 25 km along the river from the border with China. Is in the tent at night.

Day 9: crossing the river many times, today we will have a surprising round of trekking through the canyon AK-Shyirak. To visit some of the shepherd, to you, I'll have dinner with them. In the afternoon, suddenly Barekara in a tent - we go to the rhino.

Day 10: After breakfast fun, we started a round of trekking through the valley of the Kyzyl-Eshme. In the afternoon, you will cross the river Taragai. You will enjoy the journey through the open pasture and beautiful high mountain valley. Camp adjust Suek-Suu river.

Day 11: From Suek-Suu, sary valley trekking you will be on a journey to cross the river and meadows at the top of the rock. You can see a great representation of the mountain chain of the Chinese border in the distance from here. Is in the tent at night.

Day 12: Today is the last day of trekking round. Sary morning valley starts to go from the top of the rocks along the lake Okurgon-col Alpine pass (4028 m) Suek. After dinner, retreat for you Barskoon to travel, to support the vehicle in the mountains. Dinner is organized on the way. Considering the pleasant dinner, you will be placed in the yurta.

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