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Neogene forms a complex aquifer groundwater, and Paleogene are primarily responsible for the quality of the water pressure in the conditions of the particular structure in the Mesozoic sediment, the presence of rock shale, - abundance of flowing water content in the range of 0.5 to 40 g / l 0.02 seconds changes from 0.6 to 1 l / salt.

 Fresh (usually up to 0.7 g / l salinity), water fracture zone, they are as follows: open water is very vague in the Proterozoic rocks (mountain area) hydrogeological massif basement, and Paleozoic. Spring flow rate of 0 seconds, 01-10 l / (karst limestone).

Seismic activity. The territory of the Kyrgyz Republic is also true in the area of ​​high seismic. Strongest earthquake zone is the junction of the range of the transformer and Fergana Chatkal Ili Ala-Kyo too along the ridge of Kyrgyzstan. The most common focus of an earthquake at a depth of 5-15 km.  refine the spatial distribution block ancient structure, seismic activity in the region due to the special nature of the orientation and strength of Neotectonic movement. Seismic activity accompanied by a sudden appearance of feathers to limit the growth of its discontinuous structure asymmetric anticline periklinali active,. In a quiet area of ​​the earthquake is included, a depression in the center that does not change the positive negative sign of movement. Strong earthquake is possible in the northern Tien Shan in the south, land Chui  Kemin Chilik in southern Kyrgyzstan - Chatkal-Atoynokskom plot in.






Round 001: Kyrgyzstansky trekking

Mission: Kyrgyzstan

Round trekking activities:

14-day period:

Meeting at the time of transfer to the city of Bishkek and Manas International Airport Day 1:. You will have breakfast at the hotel. After dinner, go to the (elevation 1900) Konkemin beautiful valley. Dinner and night in the parking lot is located on a traditional board.

Day 2: After breakfast, I pass the time (1) Kashka-Suu river (trekking starting point, 2 000 m) to the Valley of the way from -Kemin at dinner. I will be down in the valley of Kashka-Suu river trip Koi Suu river trekking (2 350 m. 6-7 hours) to. Night parking is 10 tons.

Day 3: After an early breakfast, the day of trekking and start from there to the Valley of Koi Suu River of Cholpon-Ata firepower with a dinner in the middle (2 550 m, 6 hours) to. You will spend the night in tents.

Day 4: You will be trekking to the river to camp under Cholpon • Ata Zapadnaya AK-Suu river firepower, glacier (3 000 m, 3-4 hours) of. Parking and evening dinner is 10 tons.

Day 5: Breakfast 8:00 is submitted. Through (4 054 m) AK-Suu path, walking from Zapadnaya AK-Suu River Gorge Chon-AK-Suu river (3 066 m. 6-7 time). Have dinner, you are on the way. Parking is a tent at night.

Day 6: Breakfast 8:00 is submitted. Trekking is a journey of Chung-AK-Suu river valley (2 375 m., 4 hours) for. Parking and evening dinner is 10 tons.

Day 7: traveling the downward leg in the valley of the Chung-AK-Suu River Gorge Grigor'evka then, the eyes we begin with an early breakfast. Transfer around the north coast of Ishikuishikukuru lake was built during the Soviet era to the area Blanc-Sogotu, "Ororaishiku • kulskaja" Hotel, one of the largest hotel is located on the Ishikukuru, reminds the era of the end of the history and architecture directly below (160 km). Arrangement in the hotel (1 609 m). Parking is a tent at night.

Day 8: Breakfast, has been submitted to Sun 8:00 remaining. , Free time in the Ishikukuru, floating in the lake to relax. Dinner and night parking is in the "Aurora Isidore to tie."

Day 9: Breakfast 8:00 is submitted. (Via (3 250 m) 6-7 300 km path Kalmak-Ashuu time, and Kochkor village from Blanc-Sogotu) Synu-KUL lake Ishikukuru transfer from the lake. Dinner is organized on the way. There is parking in yurtas dinner and night.

Day 10: 5-6 hours then, today I begin to the east, go to Syna-KUL north coast around the south side, from early breakfast. In the evening I spent the night in a tent trying to eat.

Day 11: 5-6 hours, you go down to the coast in the south from the northern shore of the lake through the east side. Half a day of free time lake. Dinner is organized on the way. Lake and horses relaxation, go.

Day 12: Breakfast 8:00 is submitted. Pass to Bishkek (365 km) through the village Kochkor. In a way, visit the Burana Tower • rest (11th century), of Callahan empire in Central Asia. In the evening, spend the night "AK-Keme" of the hotel (800 meters) and try to eat.

Day 13: Breakfast 8:00 is submitted. Round the city of Bishkek. Study excursions and attractions. Visitings of the museum, the East Asian market, gift shop. Resort. Dinner and dinner in the city. Dinner and night parking is in the "AK-Keme" of the hotel.

I pass to the airport for your first flight Day 14:.

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