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Kyrgyzstan traditions

However, the details of Mahmud ibn Wali about the campaign against the Mulan Khan Kirghiz tribes, to some extent confirmed by the traditions of the legendary Kyrgyz hero Manas, written in the book "Al-Majmoo tavarikh." In these tales, along with episodes of battles with the leader Manas Kalmaks Dzholoem, considerable space is devoted to the fight of Manas and his ally Toktamysh with Fulad-adolescents, the son of Timur-Malik, who proclaimed his mangyty Khan. Apparently, in these traditions, "Al-Majmoo tavarikh" reflected hiking and other khans Dasht-i Kipchak and Kirghiz against, as reported [C. 220] Mahmud ibn Wali, who ruled after Kebek Khan (1414-1417 gg.) Chekirov Khan also made campaign against the Kyrgyz, who still continued to disturb the limits of the Ak-Orda.
There is no doubt that in these sources, we are talking about the Kyrgyz tribes living in the north-eastern Mogolistan - in the upper reaches of the Irtysh and Altai. It is known that the "at-Majmoo tavarikh" These areas are called Mogolistan Kamal Jit, and that is North Mogolistan, and its population is called the Altai-Mogul, ie Altai Moguls.

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