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Kyrgyzstan region

As the information sources outside the settlement of Kyrgyz tribes varied depending on the political situation in the region, in cases of danger from the west, they rapidly migrate to remote forest areas of the Altai, and vice versa, when created more favorable conditions, they reached the encampments to Lake Balkhash and the Junggar Ala-Tau. In the mobile sector of the nomadic similar phenomena were not the exception but the rule. Therefore, to set strict boundaries fixed settlement Kyrgyz tribes is not possible.
In connection with the problem of localization of Kyrgyz tribes in the period under review, some interest is the representation of the people of his ancestral home in the Altai and Irtysh, which were widely reflected in the historical traditions and the epic "Manas". Thus, according to legend, collected among the Kyrgyz Tien Shan in the middle of last century Valikhanov, Manas before wandering on the plain near the lake Kaysan and left his name in the title of a tract. The famous traveler R. Potanin said that west of the Kizil-Chilika was a passage in Tarbagatai Manastan-acy, ie Pass Manas. According to other legends, widespread among modern Kirgiz in Xinjiang, the legendary ancestor of the ancient Kyrgyz Kirgizbaev roamed the western spurs of the Altai Mountains on the shores of a large river Irtysh where he later settled in the Tien Shan.


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