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Northern slope of the valley AK-Say the overgrown spruce Takaten'yama. It is the mouth of, say AK-Ala-Archa river flows into a fan of large debris flow. AK-Sai glacier, the decision of the local micro-climate - mainly cold and harsh.

 AK-Sai Valley, has a route of more than 80 qualified 1 ~ 6B class. 5.6 Category difficult route - about 30. This shows clearly the wall in the area. Is shown at the top of the rock wall and the ice up to 900 meters. (4875 m) Semenov Tian Shan - the highest in the region free of Korea, Crown (4860 m), (4740); (4700) Nihonbashi Baylyan; Simagina (4400), Boxing (4240). The (4515), there are no buttresses Baychechekey no less beautiful. In the region is a unique place of practice.

AK-Say valley. Nalin area. Wide valley between the AK-size, two mountain ranges, are restricted to the boundary region between the bridge and at Torugart. You need special permission to visit. AK-Sai valley road passable for mainly off-road. This is an ancient human settlements from the Neolithic.


Round 002: Kyrgyzstansky trekking

Mission: Kyrgyzstan

Round trekking activities:

11 days period:


Day 1: Pick-up at Manas International Airport, your guide will accompany you in the city of Bishkek will have breakfast at the hotel and rest. Can go to one trek that day Archa gorge wing, or have a round of the city-operated that contains the market shops and administrative center main Bishkek selected or that after dinner, have, History Museum, gift I will be far away 45 km from Bishkek possible. We had dinner in the open area, you will be transported back to Bishkek. Your night is organized at the hotel.

You will start to move on foot into the valley in the morning Jety Oguz from Bishkek: Day 2. Breakfast. Ozero Issyk-kul early morning along the coast down • kulskogo transfer Jety-Oguz valley (370 km). Dinner. Trekking is done is known as the beautiful "Broken Heart •" and "Seven Bulls", a trip to the well-known red rock. (Milk of mares excitement) Test Kymyz. Dinner is organized on the way. arranged in yurta camp. Dinner in the "Valley of Flowers". (2 200 m).

Day 3: Trekking Jety Oguz make a trip to the valley and on the Pass Tilety. Breakfast. Shepherd and trekking for 16 km to pass Tilety. Dinner. Placement of the tent camp. Your night is organized in tents. (3 200 m).

To start moving on foot to pass in the morning then Tilety to Karakol valley Day 4. Breakfast. Will lead a three-hour round trek, crossing paths Tilety (3 800 m) to the Karakol valley. Dinner. Excursion of 10 km along the road of the ancient nomadic tent camp along the remaining nomadic stop. Dinner. Is in the tent at night.

After breakfast trekking because Karakol valley Day 05:. Breakfast. Short excursion to 8 km evacuation camp from the Karakol Gorge. Dinner is organized on the way. Dinner at base camp.

You start to move on foot to Karakol valley from Keldyke valley in the morning: the sixth day. Breakfast. Pedestrian tourism (3 600 m) Kryla-KUL beauty and unmatched depth of 70 meters beyond the mountain lake. From the shores of the lake, please refer to the beautiful glacier, which is the source of our lake. Excursion through (3 860 m) path -KUL to Keldyke canyon. Dinner. From the pass, also covered stealth excellent representation of the peak of 5000 meters - including peak Djigit Tashtanbek peak Karakol, and the peak. From the flow of the stream to be repeated from the glacier, camping tent awaits you in this remarkable stain is surrounded by magnificent rock. Your night is organized in tents.

It will be trekking After breakfast, we Keldyke to the Karakol valley from Day 7:. 4-hour excursion Artin-Arashan (2 450 meters) rely. Dinner. Bathing in the hot springs. You will never forget is placed on the lower side of the open sky, the kind of snow in the nest Pikuparatoka Association (tent, 5 260 m) of "swallow" or. Passed to the (2 hours) of Karakol afternoon. Your night is organized in tents in Karakol.

Day 08: In the morning we start to move out of the foot of the northern coast Ishikuishikukuru Noto Karakol. Breakfast. • kulskomu Ishiku transfer to the resort along the northern shore of the lake Ishikukuru (160 km). Your night is organized in tents.

After breakfast travel on a round foot enclosed Ishi: Day 9. Breakfast. Ishikukuru day. The rest are floating in the boat to Ishikuishikukuru. Museum of Ethnology and Visitings. Dinner. Your night is organized at the hotel Issykl-KUL.

Breakfast Day 10:. Passed to the (250 km) Bishkek. I have to be, (- 13-s' is also 11th centuries) to visit the Burana Tower • Balasagyn ancient city. Dinner. Located within the hotel. Dinner in Bishkek.

Day 11: You will be transferred to the airport.



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