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This is partly confirmed by a message from the works of "at-Muntahab tavarikh and Muin" Musin al-Din Natanz (XV c.) That one of the eastern branch of the descendants of the Khans Jochi, who ruled in the lower reaches of the Syr Darya, the Mubarak-Hodge in the XIV century . was expelled from his khanate and wandered for two years and six months in the country of Kyrgyz and Altai. Commenting on this post, VV Barthold, wrote that the reference number of the country makes the Kirghiz of the Altai believe that we are talking about the Yenisei Kirghiz. Now, compare reports Mahmud ibn Wali and Musin al-Din Natanz gives a more solid basis for believing that at the turn of the XIV-XV centuries. much of the Kirghiz, which we conventionally call Altaic, as in IX-XI centuries. [S. 219] inhabited the mountainous territory of the Altai and Irtysh near the eastern boundary of Dasht-i Kipchak. By the definition of I. Shapova, borders the vast territory of Ak-Orda in the north-east of the Irtysh River Basin reached, where they come into contact with the eastern part of the Ulus of Chagatai, who wore in the XIV-XV centuries. - Feel free to ask us any questions. - short trekking tours. - long cultural tours. - one day horse riding tours. - incredible trekking tours.


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