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Kyrgyzstan ancestors

In various embodiments, the epic "Manas" Altai and Irtysh are regarded as the ancestral home of the Kirghiz, the birthplace of the hero Manas, who later relocated his people on the Ala-Too.
It is known that among primitive peoples is gradually changing the tribal territories has led to changes in [C 221] ideology. Initially, people saw their new habitat as a temporary and localized their "real" tribal territory, where were the ways of their mythical ancestors. They dreamed of returning to their homeland and felt his spiritual bond with her, which strengthened the mythological representations. This inescapable dream to return to the old home is reflected in one of the most interesting episodes of the epic "Manas" - "Trizna of Koketey Khan" recorded another B, Valikhanov. It describes Trizna dedicated to the anniversary of the death Koketey Khan, staged by the Kirghiz na na his former home of the Black Irtysh river, where neighbors were invited to the old Kyrgyz tribes. All this suggests that the ancestors of the modern Kyrgyz people are genetically linked primarily with the Kirghiz tribes, who as a separate ethnic group formed in X-XI willows. in the vast region of Altai and Irtysh as a result of displacement of newcomers to the Yenisey Kyrgyz tribes of Turkic-speaking population of these regions.

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