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Hills in Kyrgyzstan

Elsewhere in his work "Al-Muntahab tavarikh and Muin, Natanz talking about the circumstances of redistribution of the boundaries of Ak-Orda and Kok-Horde after the civil war between the leg and China, said that the limits of the Ak-Orda, Nogai's descendants inherited from the Ulugh Khan, Sengir Agach and Kara-Tala reached up to Talas. VF Minorsky in his comments to the "Hudud al-alam" mountain Tulasi compared with the Altai Mountains, located near the sources of the Irtysh River, where they connect to the hills, located to the west of the Irtysh River. In that regard, it should also be noted that in 1389 the troops of Timur, pursuing Qamar al-Din, reached the river Irtysh. Advanced units of Timur after the fleeing enemy crossed the river Irtysh River on rafts and boats, and remained on the other side a few days until it was notified that Kamar al-Din fled in Tulasi in whose forests usual sable and ermine.
Comparison of the above posts Mahmud ibn Wali and Natanz in the light of guidance VF Minorsky relative localization Tulasi gives a solid reason to believe, at the turn of the XIV-XV centuries. Kyrgyz tribes inhabited the vast territory located in the Irtysh and the South-West Altai, which is directly in contact with the outside of the Ak-Orda and served as a refuge not only for Sheibanids, but also individual rulers of the Mongol tribes. - the best places of Kyrgyzstan.      - amazing trekking tours.   - specially made tours.           - exclusive programs.     - real nomadic experience.


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