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Translated from the meaning of the word kyrgyzskogo "shyyrak" - shin shin. AK-Shiyrak - use the ". Belonog", applied to sense this phrase, usually sheep and

 AK-Shiyrak - This is one of the most compact unit in the glaciers of the Tien Shan Mountains Central Committee. Covering more than 46% of the area of ​​the glacier. There are about 430 sq km glacier 4100 m, from 3700 - the surface of the glacier more than 150 - the total number of glaciers in AK-Shiyrak. Is at an altitude of 4100-4150 m in the west of the array, the snow line rises to 4500-4550 m in the east of the AK-Shiyrak.

  - (- 12 kg Nalin area, length of 49 km ² pool crow), Jamal Petrova (area 11 km pool Kumtor Nalin, length of 69 km ²), Karasai north: glacier huge main AK-Shiyrak soo (pool sary, the length of 10 km, the area of ​​39 km ²), Kaindy (Koyandy or pool sary, the length of eight kilometers, an area of ​​24 square kilometers).

 AK-ridge climbing Shiyrak not rarely visited. There is a method for making the first uphill. Summit - Anonymous (located in the eastern part of the array) 5126 meters - the highest point of the AK-Shiyrak.


Round 006: Kyrgyzstansky trekking

Mission: Kyrgyzstan

Round trekking activities:

Day 9: The period

Day 1: After breakfast, we will go to Jyrgalang village amplification from Barskoon. 0.89 km distance. Time :3-4 hours. Our jockey, a meeting with your horse. Along the river valley of the ram lamb and reduced to after dinner while traveling and transfer pass Kyzylmoinok. There, I'll be across it that is in the tent to the Valley Archator 7-8 times and night. The distance is about 10 km. Time: 2-3 hours.

7:00 Breakfast Essentials Day 2:. From previous Archator Ashytor tourism and pedestrian path Kyzyltor (3649 m). Have dinner, you are on the way. Local people, very kind, here, I will respond to the shepherd of hospitality. Test the milk of mares "kymyz" You are to check the validity of the Kyrgyz people. In the evening I spent the night in a tent trying to eat.

Breakfast Day 3:. After breakfast amplification has come closer to the beginning of the path, you will be surprised to know the mountain and Pobeda Pikov Hana Tengry your spirit. Then I transfer the Valley Uchkungoi. Is in the tent at night.

Saryjaz Echkilitash walk to the river canyon from Uchkungoi: Day 4. Here you will find the beautiful mountain lakes and meadows. In the evening I spent the night in a tent trying to eat.

Breakfast: 7:00 Day 5. When you go to the river, you are closer to the pass (4001 m) Tuz. 25-30 km: distance. Time Time :5-6. Is in the tent at night.

7:00 Breakfast Essentials Day 6:. Trekking is done on the trip and suddenly Engilchek Tuz pass along the river. Is in the tent at night.

Day 7: Travel to become, in the trekking - you Jailoo mountain lake you can see the glacier and Engilchek (grassland). Dinner is organized on the way. Your all-round (Edelweiss) is displayed pride of our country, the mountain flowers ares national flower of Switzerland. Is in the tent at night.

7:00 Breakfast Essentials Day 8:. Round of trekking, the shepherdess and shepherd of yak here Kaiyndy and again along the river Dunguromo. 25-30 km: distance. Time Time :5-6. Is in the tent at night.

Breakfast: 7:00 Day 9. Pass the village of Kunan walk. In the afternoon come back to Barskoon. To absorb water bath. Night has become a private house.

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